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Will Champion

American Author and dynamic Speaker WILL CHAMPION has been murdering Mediocrity since Day One! And while he may not be the best-known Author around - yet - he's certainly one of the most intriguing! It took some doing, but we finally caught up with our frequently mobile featured Author, and learned that in his formative years this Cape Cod transplant to Roswell, New Mexico, came to know the legendary "Flying Saucer Crash" locals say occurred in the region in 1947 isn't some wild, unfounded tale. According to key participants and witnesses willing to talk about their extraordinary experiences with things NOT of this Earth - it happened! As a result, Champion became an incurable conspiracy addict, and clearly understood why townspeople in the know STILL feared Government reprisals that include MURDER, and kept quiet until 1992, when UFO Researchers blew the lid off the story in print.

Later on, Champion relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and enrolled in The University of New Mexico's Pre-Med Program, then practiced Emergency Medicine as a Paramedic at the largest Private EMS provider in the State, where he soon rose to the level of Operations Supervisor. Upon retirement he took up the study of American Common Law and, as a Sovereignty Law Consultant and Case Litigator, succeeded in putting "The System" in Checkmate, and winning Justice for people who'd suffered severe damages inflicted by criminals within the Criminal Justice System. Champion's extremely aggressive style of litigation made that a risky, if not downright DANGEROUS business! But his oftentimes harrowing excursions into Big Brother's Courtrooms are VERY big reasons he is uniquely qualified to tell readers and audiences what he's learned as the result, about the Government's biggest, dirtiest, and most coveted secrets, how it all affects YOU, and much, much more!

A continuing list of Will Champion's premeditated acts to murder Mediocrity include his Keynote Speech at the "Under The Stars 2016" UFO/Paranormal Conference at the UFO Watchtower in Colorado's San Luis Valley. He has since been a featured guest on Coast to Coast AM overnight talk radio with internationally renowned Host, Connie Willis, and with former Coast to Coast AM Host, John B. Wells on "Caravan To Midnight" and "Ark Midnight"; appeared also as a featured radio guest on "Notes From The Underground" with Co-Hosts Debra Jayne East and Derek Tyler, and has twice been a special guest with Talk Radio Host Eddy Aragon on "The Rock of Talk", KIVA Radio, Albuquerque NM. These two shows aired locally, regionally, and nationally on the worldwide web. Champion has also been featured at The Big Read Book Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada, and appeared in several live events and presentations in New Mexico. In addition, Will Champion was Opening Keynote at the premiere conference event of 2018: Caravan to Midnight's "OPERATION CLASSIFIED Conference", November 9-11 in Dallas, Texas. So, what are you waiting for?!


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