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Meet Las Vegas Blackjack Pro. turned Private Legal-Intelligence Specialist, MARK DIAMOND. He's an American Patriot of the Highest Order. A Master at cards - and the Law. A headline maker. A risk taker. And nobody has a bigger problem with authority - especially FEDERAL authority being wielded like a medieval mace to bash the American Republic into a militarized Police State unlike anything the world has ever seen! American Author WILL CHAMPION chronicles Diamond's perilous covert mission to journey deep into The Matrix and save America from extinction in a twisting, turning adventure that'll speed you from the glitzy Las Vegas Strip into a mysterious Military Base that officially doesn't exist in the high desert of Southern Nevada, to smash the most evil conspiracy in History plotted by the ILLUMINATI (a Secret Order of ruthless men against humanity, bent on total world domination) before they bring the U.S.A. completely to its knees!

THE DREAMLAND FILES is the absolute must-read for every freethinker, truth seeker, and hard-core conspiracy addict! This well-researched and highly addictve faction thriller will draw you inescapably into the world of shadows you somehow always knew exists, and reveal in story form how Secret Societies have come to rule the world and governments do their bidding, using secret laws, conspiracies, lies, and cover-ups to control the masses. You'll glimpse into man's distant past, and examine the state of our current affairs from a unique Legal perspective... Learn the shocking connections between UFO's, ET's, and the unelected Shadow Government behind the New World Order initiative... And come face-to-face with things you thought only existed in dreams (or nightmares!) The stakes have never been higher...the action never more explosive! You will NOT be able to stop reading 'til you reach the haunting surprise conclusion that will leave you breathless, and wanting MORE!

Will Champion's THE DREAMLAND FILES. It will make you question everything.

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